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Teach Me Equals is Erin Murphy (guitar, violin and vox) and Greg Bortnichak (cello, sequencing, vox).   Murphy and Bortnichak came together as Teach Me Equals in Sarasota, FL in 2011. Living states apart and fronting their own individual projects at the time, they threw caution to the wind and began writing as a duo. They moved onto the road in 2013, and are now semi-based out of Olympia, WA.

At times fearlessly oblique, and often intentionally challenging, experimental pop / post-classical duo Teach Me Equals craft music at turns intimate and grandiose. The rough-edged shag of found sounds is balanced by a twisted, precise elegance that simmers and slithers underneath.

Characterized by the unorthodox use of electric stringed instruments, live loop manipulation, and textural rhythmic washes, Erin Murphy (guitar, violin, vocals) and Greg Bortnichak (cello, programming, vocals) have been building a reputation for relentless touring and merciless live performances.

In June of 2015, Teach Me Equals teamed with the SHMIB Modern Dance Collective to create a live experience of Knives In The Hope Chest, choreographed for twenty-three dancers. Staged at Chicago’s Links Hall, the series of performances sold out. Later that year, the group appeared on the cassette compilation PNMV#4, celebrating the relaunch of Pacific Northwest indie label, Punk In My Vitamins.

In December 2016, they released a split 45 alongside Vern Rumsey (Unwound, Blonde Redhead) titled RedRumsey / Teach Me Equals on Exotic Fever / Dischord, the proceeds of which went to benefit a domestic violence resource center in Philadelphia, PA.

In May 2018, the band released their second album, Fix History, on vinyl and digital platforms via Wild Klamath Records.  


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